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Chaplain Cook's Pulpit

In Memoriam

This page is a memorial to Ben Maryniak who was an active researcher, author and presenter of Civil War and related material. He made frequent appearances in the guise of Chaplain Philos G. Cook of Buffalo's 94th NY Vol. Infantry where he recreated worship services as they may have occurred in the camps and battlefields of the Civil War. Ben was also the President of the Buffalo Civil War Round Table which has been renamed the Benedict R Maryniak Chapter in his honor. He was also an active contributor to the Gettysburg Discussion Group.

Chaplain Philos Cook and the Fear Not Choir

The No Fear Choir, Mumford 2007
Photo courtesy of Jon King.

Faith in the Fight

Book Cover

Faith in the Fight, Civil War Chaplains is due out in April, 2003 from Stackpole publishing. Ben's contribution is a list of 2398 individuals representing all the commissioned chaplains serving in the regiments of the US Army Volunteer Force, hospital chaplains of US Volunteers, chaplains of the US Army, and chaplains of the US Navy during the Civil War. It also includes their religious affiliation at the time of the war (a number of them switched sides before and after the Rebellion), their regiment or other assignment, and their birth/death dates. There is a Confederate roster, compiled largely by John Wesley Brinsfield, who is the acting historian for the US Army Office of Chaplains and is now teaching at the Chaplain School in Ft. Jackson, South Carolina. Other contributors to the book include James Robertson (Standing Like a Stone Wall: The Life of General Thomas J. Jackson) and William C. Davis ( An Honorable Defeat: The Last Days of the Confederate Government).

Buffalo Civil War Round Table

BCWRT meetings are held in the Gateway Building auditorium, Lackawanna. Intersection of Route 179 and Route 5.

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