Company A

Commissioned Officers
Captain Milo L. Starks
First Lieutenant Joseph M. Leeper
Second Lieutenant J. Durward Decker
Non-Commissioned Officers
First Sergeant Henry Allen
Sergeant Charles L. Taylor
Sergeant John H. Wright
Sergeant Charles A. Perry
Sergeant John Dean
Corporal Oscar P. Colby
Corporal John B. Snyder
Corporal Marryett H. Hunt
Corporal Theodore B. Whipple
Corporal Spencer Miller
Corporal George W . Whitney
Corporal Barton T. Perigo
Corporal Judson Fielding
Musician George E. Moore
Musician Byron S. Blake
Wagoner John B. Blodgett
Adkins, Robert Lowery, James S.
Allen, David W. Lowery, Robert G.
Ashley, Lucius Luce, Oscar C.
Bante, Williams C. Lynd, John A.
Barnes, Isaac Jr. Manslee, John
Bellinger, Charles Markey, Thomas
Blake, Isaac McCulloch, Albert
Bowles, James Minot, James
Brownyar, Joseph Mockford, William S.
Burch, Thaddeus K. Moore, Adam Jr.
Clark, Francis T. Moore, John M.
Clark, Thomas, M. Moorehouse, Alonzo
Colley, Franklin Mosely, Auranah
Cooper, John L. Mulvaney, James
Courtney, Lewis B. Percell, Edward
Coward, Richard Perry, Joseph A. *
Edward, Charles D. Phillips, Albert
Estes, George W. Redman, Charles A.
Farrell, Timothy Reynolds, Francis
Fishbaugh, Charles Richards, Donain
Flynn, Patrick Robinson, John
Fordham, Milton C. Root, Charles W.
Fosmire, Jacob Schouton, Henry W.
Genett, Henry A. Scott, Graham R.
Green, Darwin Secor, Orland
Green, Henry H. Seeley, Anson
Haight, Martin W. Shaw, Alexander Jr.
Hamil, Aaron H. Shaw, William H.
Healey, John Shears, William H.
Herrington, John Sparlin, Alson C.
Hewett, Thomas Starin, Charles W.
Hoy, James M. Steele, George V.
Hoy, Myron Steves, John W.
Hoyt, George T. Stickle, Charles H.
Hunt, Silas W. Stotle, Kinsey
Hurlburt, Nathaniel E. Taylor, Huburt C.
Ireland, George Thompson, William H.
Kincaid, Henry E. Ward, George H.
LaDue, James Warner, Edgar J.
Lee, John Wilson, John
Lewis, Alfred S. Wright, George A.
* Absent at time of muster-in, reported deserted.

Note: The rolls of Company A were completely filled with men from the village of Brockport, New York. No other company in the 140th NY was raised entirely in one village or town.

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