Company I

Commissioned Officers
Captain William F. Campbell
First Lieutenant Addison N. Whiting
Second Lieutenant Lewis Hamilton
Non-Commissioned Officers
First Sergeant Eastus D. Davis
Sergeant Eugene H. Shedd
Sergeant James E. Chase
Sergeant Augustus E. Carr
Sergeant William Dancy
Corporal George F. Hermann
Corporal Ambrose Rogers
Corporal William H. Clarke
Corporal John Caldwell
Corporal Edwin T. Marsh
Corporal Frank Carpenter
Corporal Samuel Ballintine
Corporal Samuel James
Musician Urias Kimble
Musician George Olmstead
Wagoner William Coppernall
Badger, Frank A. Hawkins, Joseph R.
Bailey, George M. Heath, William A.
Bailey, Harvey Hill, Lyman
Bailey, James Hoare, Edwin
Brooks, Thomas E. Johnson, Henry
Brown, George W. Kellogg, Orin B.
Brown, James Kent, Edwin
Brown, Thomas G. Knox, Theodore
Brown, William H. Maloney, James
Brown, Woodruff Maxwell, Edward
Buddery, William Miller, Stephen O.
Burdett, Henry Miller, William W.
Bushroe, Joesph B. Mills, Alvah
Chapman, Linville Moore, John
Chatfield, Isaiah Oliver, John A.
Cheever, George W. Payne, Smith
Clark, Jacob Penning, William H.
Clark, James C. Prime, George
Coleman, John N. Quick, Jerimiah
Cox, William Randall, James
Dancy, Jesse * Reniff, Augustus
Daugherty, George Resseguie, Charles
Davey, Daniel Reynolds, William
Davie, Henry W. Rourke, John
Davis, Joseph Smith, Allen H.
Dexter, Ira E. Smith, Giles
Dingham, Charles Soper, Clayton G.
Dunning, E. Hamilton Stewart, Henry J.
Forbes, William Tripp, Edwin
Foster, Charles G. Verian, Robert
Fuller, Philetus Vincent, James
Fuller, William H. Waffle, David
Furman, Mark H. Walze, Frederick
Garbutt, Edward H. Wardell, William
Gardner, George Wegmann, John
Gibbs, Jonathan Wise, Anthony
Halpin, Thomas Wood, George D.
Hannech, Charles Woodhems, Henry
Harde, Joseph Wright, Hiram
Hart, Eber
* Absent at time of muster-in, reported deserted.

Note: COmpany raised in Chili, Greece, Penfield, Rochester, Ogden, Henrietta and Parma

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