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The 140th NYVI Living History Organization would like to help you find information on your ancestor that fought in the ranks of the 140th New York. Brian Bennett, author of Sons of Old Monroe, Patrick O'Rorke's 140th New York Volunteer Infantry will search his archives for information pertinent to your ancestor. We only ask two things. First, you should do some research yourself by writing to State of New York and the National Archives. Second, we ask that you share your information with us. If you have any family stories, letters, diaries, photos, uniforms parts or anything else you think we might be interested in. Please share them with us. That's how we generate the bio features.

The New York State Archives are a good place to begin your search. For a minimal fee, you can request an abstract from the NYS Civil War Database.

You can also write them a short letter telling them the name of your ancestor, that he served in the 140th New York during the Civil War and that you'd like a copy of his records. The address is below:

New York State Archives
Room 11D40
Cultural Education Center
Empire State Plaza
Albany, New York 12230

The best source is the National Archives in Washington. There you can request Service Records, Pension Records, Medical Records and Prison of War Records. First, you will have to request form NATF 80. You must request each record type seperately; so, you'll probably want two or three forms. The address is:

Military Service Branch (NNMS)
National Archives and Records Service
National Archives
8th and Pennsylvania Avqenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20408

The forms can also be obtained electronically at: inquire@arch2.nara.gov.

When the forms come, fill them out and return them. If the records are found, they will be photocopied and returned for a ten dollar fee.

You might also try the Civil War Solidier's & Sailors System.

General information on the 140th can be obtained in the book SONS OF OLD MONROE, A Regimental History of Patrick O'Rorkes 140th New York Volunteer Infantry, written by Brian A. Bennett. Published by Morningside Books and can be obtained for $22.50. It is also available in most Monroe County Libraries. Additionally by Brian Bennett, The Beau Ideal of a Soldier and a Gentleman, The Life of Col. Patrick Henry O'Rorke, From Ireland to Gettysburg. Triphammer Publishing, 1996.

There is also a fine video done by Chris Coffey, Regiment. Time-Warner Communications, 1995; which is also available in most Monroe County Libraries.

Many of Rochester's Catholic veterans, including Patrick O'Rorke and George Ryan, were buried in St. Patrick's Cemetery, Pinacle Hill, before being moved to Holy Sepulchre Cemetery when St. Patrick's was closed. List

Holy Sepulchre Cemetery

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